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Saturday, July 16, 2005


Dragoes View On Politics

People (lots)emale me and says they says 'Drago what are you are view's on Politics?' They ask me this because they look up to me and respec and they are intersted In knowing my view's because I was born In former Yugoslavia (haha) So here Is my )DRagoes) View's on Politics.

General Tito he unite ed all the people of the former country of Yugoslavia but when he died It (Yugoslavia)all went 'Pear shape' and hasnt been good since. This Is why If it was possible to Clone people It would be good to clone Gen Tito so that he could untie Yugoslavia once again to satop the problems their

Friday, July 08, 2005


Update - Drago Is In training for Hisnext Fight

I have got a fight coming up in September. I am In training every day now working out In the Gym and doing rounds and running early morning's with Satan, (my dog).

At night I have been watching the 'Rockie' movie the one where he (Rockie Blaboa) Is punching the meat, punching the meat over and over(training0) and then he stops (exhuastad) and then he yells yells 'Stelllarrrrr Stellerrrrr'!.

I find this movie scene inspires me and drive's me on too greater dertermation to crush my opponent and grind his bones in to powder which I will scatter to the four winds and then walk over

Wednesday, July 06, 2005


A Picture Of My Dog

 Posted by Picasa This is a picture of my dog Satan he is a minture Rotwheeler cross. I have had him since a puppy he was ver shy but by hitting him with stick's and sometimes a little kick I have taught him to attack stranger's (stranger danger) and now he is a ver good gard dog he patrols the compound. People says to me they says 'Drago he Is too small to be a gard dog!' I says to tthem a old Croatian saying It Is not the size of the dog It Is the size of the fight inside the little dog



 Posted by Picasa This Is a picture of Micheal Night from the TV show Nightrider he had a car that could talk I could not find a picture of the car I only found this phot of Miceal Night In his undies were he looks like a poofter